Saab Australia
Mixed Reality solutions


Saab's mixed reality applications will redefine the way you interact with your world. We are ready to work with you to design, develop and deploy mixed reality aplications that give you new ways to plan, educate, build and repair. Unlock hidden insights and capabilities.

Bring the digital world to life

Welcome to the world of mixed reality where holograms are blended with the real world.

Mixed reality gives you the power to visualise and interact with digital information without the constraints of legacy computing hardware. Bring the digital world to life in ways never possible until now.

See solutions not problems

Our mixed reality applications can bring digital information to life in the form of light-dense holograms. Work and collaborate with remote teams across the globe: share and interact with information simultaneously.

With the mixed-reality experience, you can bring your whole team together in real-time.

For training and education, mixed reality applications enable trainers and trainees to collaborate and share an interactive experience.

Decision makers and planners can test scenarios, moving assets or resources to visualise and understand outcomes before committing to action. Make better decisions based on a deeper understanding of the operating environment.