Gripen - The smart fighter
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Micael Johansson new President and CEO of Saab

Former deputy CEO and Senior Executive Vice President of Saab is now entering office as the new President and CEO of Saab.

Testing new 3D print technology develops opportunities

When a fighter gets damaged in battle, the pilot must typically get the jet back to base for repair. But a new project at Saab is examining how 3D printing can be used to repair battle damaged fighters in the field.

Saab and Centropy investigate new ways of cooling electronics

During spring, Saab has engaged in a collaboration with the startup Centropy in order to research new ways of cooling electronics. The first proof-of-concept is now being finalized and findings and lessons learned are now being implemented both in Saab and Centropy.

Our thinking edge

A revolutionary technology

Saab’s commitment to innovation has seen Artificial Intelligence become increasingly vital to the company’s R&D and production operations

Flexible, precise and reliable

With a range of 150 km, the ability to hit targets across a wide area, and a precision so high it can hit the target within a radius of one meter. Saab and Boeing have together developed the Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) – the rocket artillery munition designed to meet the evolving needs of the armed forces.

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