Gripen the smart fighter
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The Mobile Short-Range Air Defence (MSHORAD) solution – comprising the Giraffe 1X, C2 and RBS 70 NG Remote Weapon System (RWS) – enables moving units to identify and counter air threats quickly and effectively.

Game changer against tanks

With tanks playing an increasingly decisive role in complex battle environments, defending forces need an effective anti-tank weapon. Saab’s NLAW system has the portability and fire power needed to stop tanks in their tracks.

RBS15 Gungnir

Gungnir is the newest addition to the RBS15 family, utilising the RBS15 Mk4 missile. However, it’s more than just a missile – Gungnir is the complete solution, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure to comprehensively tackle tomorrow’s ever-escalating pressures

Our thinking edge

Finding the needle in the haystack

Looking for threats can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So how do modern radars deal with stealth, birds and jamming?

Really advanced dinner logistics

More than ninety per cent of the goods transports in the world are shipped. That means that many of the things on our dinner tables, in our homes and in our workplaces arrived by boat. And perhaps these were offloaded in a port near you.

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  • Saab AB
    19 February 2019

    Feast your eyes on these pictures from the Royal Australian Navy. #saabinthesea

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  • Saab AB
    18 February 2019

    The inside of an armoured vehicle is often a cramped, submarine-like space offering only limited overview of the surroundings. Yet you are dependent on your situational awareness and being able to rely on what you see to act accordingly and without delays. Ruggedised camera systems are the answer. Check it out! Have you ever been onboard an armoured vehicle?

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