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Experience the technology of Saab in your own environment with high quality animated 3D models of a range of our products and systems.


The app allows users to select and place Augmented Reality models on any surface with rotate and view from any angle. Get up close with missiles, unmanned vehicles and weapons. See the equipment full size and interact to explore the powerful features and capabilities.

Some models include animated sequences showing their deployment or operation. All have touchpoints which bring up additional product information and videos.

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Size: 3.3 MB
Category: Business
Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Language: English
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Activate the app and select the product from the main screen or topleft main menu. Select the View in AR button at the bottom of the product page and then scan on a nearby surface when prompted.

The model will load an be displayed just above that surface. Interact by using two fingers to rotate left or right. A single finger drag up or down will move the field of view away or towards you.

The model is located at a fixed point in space so you can walk around, moving the display device in or out to checkout key features. Waving the device around too much may cause the AR engine to lose spacial lock and you may need to rescan the surface.

The surface needs to have some detail to be scanned correctly, so particularly smooth or glossy surfaces are not ideal.

There are small scale and fullscale versions of each model so start with the small first and then switch to the larger scale. You may need to walk backward to see the whole fullscale model as some are quite large.

There are interactive grey touch circles on each model. Experiment to find which bring up information, play videos or activate animation sequences.

Whats New

Just a little update so that this app is using the best in Augmented Reality technology with ARCore!


The content in the App was created using the Plattar Augmented Reality Platform.