Protecting Australia's Future

We’ve been trusted with the Royal Australian Navy’s combat management system for over thirty years. Australia's ANZAC frigates are one of the most capable warships in the world. Always looking ahead, we are investing heavily into research and development for Australia’s future naval combat power. We developed a wholly Australian, world-class combat system for the Royal Australian Navy which is responsive, modular, interoperable with our allies, and fully flexible to stay ahead of technology for the next thirty years.


Saab, has had a long, strong allegiance to the Australian Defence Force. Its Bofors guns protected Royal Australian Navy ships in the 1940s. 

The company established its presence in Australia in the late 1980s to transfer its world-class 9LV combat management system technology from Sweden. We pioneered Australia's electronic defence industry, providing Australia with it's sovereign naval warfighting capability. From what was initially a handful of Swedes, this Australian company has grown to a workforce of around 560 Australians, mostly in Adelaide, South Australia, as well as five other states. Saab’s Australian expertise now directly supports Saab’s global activities and the following major capabilities have been provided to the Australian Defence Force:

  • Carl Gustaf weapons to the Australian and New Zealand armies since the 1960s
  • Camouflage equipment to the Australian Army since 1984
  • RBS 70 air defence missile system from 1984
  • 9LV combat management system for the ANZAC class frigates and amphibious LHDs from 1995
  • ISCMMS ship control system for the Collins class submarine in the 1990s
  • Battlefield Command Support System since 1998
  • Tactical Command and Control System for Armies Ground Based Air Defence 
  • Double Eagle underwater vehicle on the Huon Class Minehunters since 1999
  • BOL decoy system on the RAAFs F/A-18 fighter aircraft
  • Radio repair equipment for the Australian Army
  • Giraffe AMB radars from 2010
  • Multilink Datalink upgrades for ANZAC and LHD class ships
  • ANZAC Anti-Ship Missile Defence upgrade
  • Counter-IED training for the Australian Army
  • Base Security Improvement Program for Australian Defence bases since 2014
  • ANZAC AMCAP upgrade 

Saab has enjoyed a long and mutually rewarding relationship with Australia and New Zealand. It began through Saab’s subsidiary Bofors which provided the famous 40/60 air defence guns for the Australian Navy during World War II.

Saab's capabilities in Australia extend well beyond the defence environment and include:

  • Integrated security management systems for prisons and other facilities in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Saab 340 passenger aircraft flown by Rex Aviation
  • AIS Transponder systems for civil and military ships
  • Integrated Tower Automation Suite (INTAS) for Airservices Australia
  • Wide Are Multilateration systems for Tasmania and Sydney
  • Remote underwater vehicles for offshore oil and gas
  • Port services for mining ports 

The local expertise developed through these programs now allows Saab Australia to export defence and security technology to other countries including Canada, New Zealand, Thailand and Sweden. 

Saab Australia celebrated thirty years of Australian-developed innovation in 2017 while the Saab Group celebrated eighty years of international success.