Reliable performance Utility Control Systems

Utility Control Systems - cargo door
Electric cargo door
Over Wing Exit Door Flight Lock Actuator

Over Wing Exit Door Flight Lock Actuator


Saab supplies Utility Control Systems for a wide range of aircraft non-flight related functions such as cargo doors, passenger and emergency doors, brakes and landing gear. We have long experience of developing control computers and actuation systems for commercial and military aircraft.

Saab’s offering within Utility Control Systems is wide and includes full system responsibility. Saab can offer a complete door, including the door structure as well as the door actuation system and associated control electronics. It is designed and optimized on system level for high reliability, low weight and cost-efficiency. 



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Key Capabilities

  • Full responsibility from study/definition phase through specification, development, verification/qualification, production and customer support
  • Complete in-house development, both HW and SW (incl. application SW)
  • In-depth application knowledge within Cargo Door Actuation Systems
  • Safety critical control computers yet with high level of integrated platform functionality, examples:
    • ARINC standard dataloader
    • AFDX
    • Extensive Built-In Tests (PBIT, CBIT and IBIT)
    • RTOS (ARINC653)

Key Elements

  • Rapid prototyping, short lead time to first equipment with full functional compliance
  • RTCA DO-178/254 DAL A compliant
  • RTCA DO-160 compliant (environmental)
  • Highly reliable and efficient electric actuation systems
  • High integrity control electronics based on a Modular Computer Design