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With AviGuide Head Up Display (HUD) the pilots aviate and navigate head up and eyes out for increased safety and control with faster decisions and situational awareness. The HUD can be interfaced with Enhanced Flight Vision Sensors (EFVS) and flight guidance computers and it is fully compatible with enhanced vision system (EVS) sensors.

With or without an All Weather Solution and in any phase of flight, a HUD plays an invaluable role in drastically reducing the risks associated with the loss of situational awareness. The flight path vector, artificial horizon, and boresight symbol combined with energy management and engine symbology provide the pilot an at a glance means for intuitively assessing the state of the aircraft. Additionally, conformal traffic, terrain, and navigation data displayed on the HUD bring new levels of situational awareness.


Safety first

  • Flight data with eyes out – aviate and navigate head up
  • Intuitive presentation – faster decisions
  • Conformal data – situational awareness
  • Enhanced/synthetic vision

Effective flights

  • Conformal FPV improves energy management. 
  • Head up makes IFR/VFR transition more effective 
  • Head Up increases preceison in take off approach and landing. 
  • EFVS certifiable brings regulatory merrits.


 Mission compatible

  • Flexible and adaptable display modes
  • Night vision goggle compatible
  • Enhanced and synthetic vision
  • Integrated flight mission data

Effective integration 

  • Compatible with most flightdecks. 
  • Integrates with both electro-optical and radar based sensors. 
  • Compact and low weight makes fysical integration easier. 
  • Modular approach makes adaptations for new platforms very effective. 
  • Prepared to benefit from development of future vision and awareness subsystems.