Safe efficiency Flight control systems

Flight Control Systems
Saab developed and delivers electromechanical actuation equipment for High Lift drive in the B787
Saab developed and currently delivers the High Lift Control & Monitoring System for the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft
Saab developed safety critical avionics core computers for the Neuron UAV
Saab developed the Flight Control Computer for the Skeldar UAV


Based on 80 years’ experience of flight control systems and equipment both as aircraft OEM and system supplier, Saab provides primary and secondary flight control systems. We deliver systems to fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

With our capabilities we can provide the complete system from cockpit controls through safety-critical control computers and motor control electronics to electromechanical actuators. We can also supply software to the customer desired level, from Board Support Package (BSP) through Boot Code, Device Drivers, Built-In-Test, Operating Systems to Application Software. Our offering includes both integrated and distributed systems. Besides primary Flight Control, our target applications within secondary flight controls are slat (leading edge), flap (trailing edge), trim and spoiler/airbrake systems. All products are based on a modularized product platform allowing cost-efficient customization of each configuration. 


Key Elements

  • Rapid prototyping, short lead time to first equipment with full functional compliance
  • RTCA DO-178/254 DAL A compliant
  • RTCA DO-160 compliant (environmental)
  • EASA and FAA certified products
  • Model-based software development
  • Safety critical control computers yet with high level of integrated platform functionality, examples:
    • ARINC standard dataloader
    • AFDX
    • Extensive Built-In Tests (PBIT, CBIT and IBIT)
    • RTOS (ARINC653)