Airborne Modular Computers Control from within - Whatever the Task


The Airborne Computer is the core of all avionics architectures and implements a wide variety of avionics functions. Examples are critical flight control, mission data processing and  connecting a variety of specialized equipment into  the avionics computer network.

Saab provides ITAR free configurable distributed computing systems building the core of today’s avionics systems and are one of just a few companies globally with the expertise to develop entire aircraft systems. This ensures understanding of customer requirements, equipment architecture and integration.

Key features

Saab's range of modular avonics computers enable the supply of nearly all types of computers, from high performance flight and mission computers to  specialized utility and display computers with safety criticality  ranging all the way up to RTCA DAL A.


Saab's Airborne Modular Computers can be integrated with many aircraft types for civil and military platforms.

Becoming a customer

Saab offers a through life support of equipment and sub-systems. The integrated logistics support (ILS) is tailored to support the specific customer need. Saab can offer different support concepts, such as:

  • Product Support Programmes (PSP)

  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL)

  • EASA/FAR Part 21 and Part 145 certification

Technical Support

  • Assistance for various integration

  • In-service technical issues

  • On-site troubleshooting

  • Service assistance

Upgrades and retrofits

  • Form-fit-function

  • Development of new equipment