High security Facility management


Saab's OneView is the smartest, most accurate security surveillance and facility management system that brings all your security applications and devices into one single view.

OneView gives you the complete security and surveillance picture in real time as it happens. No more guesswork and less stress. OneView gives you the power to resolve situations as they happen through one comprehensive user interface that is simple to use. Know what is happening in the facility immediately and act on emergency or security breaches with confidence. OneView is the fastest, most accurate physical security information management system that can action events automatically on command. 

For too long major infrastructure owners and operators have been constrained by the “one stop shop” approach by suppliers of vertically integrated systems. With OneView you are no longer constrained to use proprietary systems and sub-systems. Instead you can select those that best fits your needs or incorporate existing systems. We'll work cooperatively with in defining your needs to customise the system around your processes and priorities. 

Secure and protect

OneView can be customised to meet unique needs of any operation, adapting to your work flows and ways of doing business. It is also ready as an immediate solution for a range of critical infrastructure facilities or environments. 

High security operations

  • Correction and detention centres
  • Casino and gaming venues
  • Military bases
  • Test and trial facilities

Critical infrastructure facilities

  • Mining operations
  • Utility infrastructure (water, power)
  • Educational institutions
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Hospitals