Secure Network Communication Designing, building and developing fully secure, high availability networks


Saab specializes in designing, building and developing fully secure, high availability networks for the utilities and systems with mission critical business operations.

Through flexible and scalable modules, Saab will ensure information distribution through the backbone and access layers utilizing optical, electrical and/or microwave media and technologies such as WDM, SDH, PDH or IP including possible multi technology integration towards customer’s existing environment.

Our high availability network architecture builds on standardized topologies and media feature sets that allows for increased customization and integration of already existing operational environments, which are integrated into a tailored solution via network interfaces.

The solution is completely scalable and modular, facilitating both access and backbone networks, including functionality like traffic protection, expandable functionality and network resilience for backbone networks and internal and external facility distribution, subsystem interfaces and different security implementations for access networks.

This coupled with extensive network services like multiplexing, wireless functionality, switching and routing along with network interfaces ranging from basic telephony to multimedia and alarm management guaranties a fully secure tailored and robust network solution.

Key features

  • Fully secure high availability backbone networks
  • Flexible and scalable information distribution through access networks
  • Network optimization through multi-technology integration
  • Secure and resilient network architecture customized for high availability
  • Integration of existing operational environmental via network interfaces
  • Customized network services built on standardized topologie and media feature set