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Saab’s airport vehicle tracking solutions enhance airport safety by providing precise vehicle location data to the stakeholders and systems that need it. Knowing the location of vehicles on the airfield at all times and in all conditions is a critical part of managing a safe and efficient operation. Saab’s vehicle trackers offer an accurate and reliable source for this information.

Saab offers two vehicle tracking solutions that address different use cases, the VeeLo NexGen and the VL-4G.  Both units obtain their location via Global Positioning System (GPS) data enhanced by Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS). 


They are housed in weather-resistant enclosures that can be temporarily or permanently mounted on the exterior of an airport surface vehicle.  Low power consumption also allows them to be operated from a vehicle’s accessory power outlet.

The VeeLo NexGen uses ADS-B transmissions to provide position and identification data that works in conjunction with Saab’s Cooperative Surveillance System (CSS), its Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS), and any other surface surveillance system that tracks ADS-B transponders.  Using the ADS-B 1090 MHz Extended Squitter (ES) message format to transmit location data enables Multilateration systems to calculate the precise position for vehicles outfitted with the VeeLo NexGen.  A vehicle identifier and 24-bit ICAO address are field configurable via PC and the unit is fully compliant with DO-260A and D0-181C.

The VL-4G also provides SBAS-enhanced GPS location data but does so via commercial 4G cellular data networks. It is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Saab’s Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) Suite, Aerobahn.


The use of cellular data networks eliminates the need to install additional infrastructure at an airport, making it easy to add and grow the vehicle tracking capabilities.