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Air traffic controllers around the world rely on Saab’s Air Traffic Control Automation solutions to optimise safety and efficiency. Our proven Integrated ATC Suite is a modular and scalable solution that seamlessly integrates into airports of all sizes. By upgrading and consolidating systems, Saab gives you the most advanced technology to respond to any challenge.

Air traffic control (ATC) towers are often cluttered with a large number of independent systems that do not share information between themselves or with other systems or stakeholders. Air traffic controllers may have a limited view of the operational situation and may be forced to rely on constant, inefficient verbal communication. The disparity and proliferation of systems in the tower leads to reduced efficiency and increased operating costs.

In today’s increasingly complex environment, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airport operators need tools to help them manage airport traffic flow in an efficient and safe way to ensure predictability, punctuality, and the best use of airport capacity under all conditions.


Saab’s Integrated ATC Suite (I-ATS) is a flexible, scalable solution that provides tower and approach controllers with a comprehensive set of automation tools to manage operations safely and efficiently. Saab’s I-ATS includes air and ground surveillance and safety alerts, integrates flight data, manages controller workflows, and interfaces with various types of environmental systems such as weather or airfield lighting. All of these capabilities are combined into a seamless standardized working position.

Saab’s I-ATS tools can be deployed together or independently and 3rd party tools can be easily integrated into the solution.


Whether you are looking to implement an A-SMGCS system that complies with the latest standards, automate your tower or approach workflows, or integrate your tower systems into a streamlined working position, Saab’s I-ATS is a proven and low risk solution that will improve the efficiency of your operations and reduce your operating costs.