Medav naval C-ESM and COMINT Enhancing situational awareness for surface vessels

Naval C-ESM and COMINT antenna
Naval C-ESM and COMINT rack
Naval C-ESM and COMINT screenshot


Medav C-ESM and COMINT is a system for strategic COMINT and tactical C-ESM tasks on surface vessels. Using Communications Electronic Support Measures (C-ESM) and Communication Intelligence (COMINT) technology increases the range of situational awareness on surface vessels. It expands a vessels capability in terms of reconnaissance and surveillance of electromagnetic emissions.

One of the main benefits includes the ability to also evaluate communication signals (speech and data) in the operational theatre for reasons of situational awareness, force protection and improved mission effectiveness.


The system supports the tasks of both identifying platforms located nearby and associated potential threats, by evaluation focussed on communication signals.

Together with Radar ESM (R-ESM), an integrated solution comprising the R-ESM and C-ESM subsystems, the identification of emitters and related platforms can be improved. It also assists in detection of small objects which are invisible to radars or optical systems but with (also very short) active radio transmission.


The system comprises automatic signal detection, classification, demodulation, decoding, recording, listen-in functionality, direction finding and geo-locating of radio emitters in the High Frequency (HF) and Very/Ultra/Super High Frequency (VUSHF) frequency bands.

Wideband technology applies for DF, monitoring and recording. Attended and unattended operation is supported.


By this innovative approach, identification of platforms and related threats is significantly increased. Tailored solutions for navy, coast guard and other law enforcement authorities are possible, taking into account the objectives and operational environment.