Invitation Seminar on C-ESM and COMINT 2018

Saab Medav Technologies organizes the 7th seminar on COMINT and information processing. It is aimed for experts and decision makers as well as system integrators in the military and intelligence community.

Giving your capability the edge – that’s why this year’s seminar focus is set on new trends and technologies.


The seminar presents new developments and trends in the fields of COMINT / C-ESM and in the fusion of information. Our speakers come with an operator’s background, from research with a strong background in the applications. Every day contains an overview on the specific content, theoretical background, new trends and some demonstration. 

Day 1 focuses on radio monitoring, direction finding and geo-location of emitters. We focus on the intercept of radio signals, new technologies on processing and possible results.  

Day 2 focuses on the fusion of information from different sources. One of the key aspects is the treatment in big data applications.

Day 3 focuses on future needs on both from the application and technology point of view. An extra focus will be spent on the automation of processing. 

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