Visit us at the 13th International Vessel Traffic Service Symposium 2016

Saab exhibiting at the 13th International Vessel Traffic Service Symposium in Kuala Lumpur 8 - 12 August, 2016.

The theme of the 2016 Symposium is "Sustainable Safe Navigation", where participants will be presenting and discussing the current challenges and opportunities both in VTS and Domain Awareness. Planned themes for the Symposium are the role of VTS in Maritime Domain Awareness, the role of VTS Operations in Port/Waterway Efficiency, VTS Beyond Territorial Seas and in Polar Regions, future trends and technological development of this sector, VTS and e-navigation, professional competencies, Information Exchange & Management, Innovations and Improvements in VTS Operations.

The 13th International VTS Symposium is promoted by IALA – AISM and Saab is an active member of IALA and ensures that the V3000 VTS system is compliant with the latest IALA recommendations.

We look forward to seeing you at the symposium, for more information visit the web site:

13th International VTS Symposium

V3000 is a proven solution for Vessel Traffic Services for a wide range of systems. Easily scalable from single radar, single display solutions to multiple traffic centres with extensive radar and AIS networks at national levels. Over three decades in development,  V3000 supports 5 of the top 11 highest volume container ports in the world, have over 70 traffic centres in operation, and at any given moment our systems keep track of over 50 000 vessels. Read more about V3000 below. Read more about V3000 here.