Pioneering Spirit arrives at the Port of Rotterdam

The 8th of January 2015 was a special day for Saab’s maritime traffic management business. Around 14:30 the largest vessel ever built, the "Pioneering Spirit" arrived at the Port of Rotterdam. A ship the size of eight football fields.

The Dutch marine pilots have been responsible to pilot the vessel into the Alexia Haven in Rotterdam. The vessel is on her maiden voyage and will stay in Rotterdam for final installation work.

Placement of ADX-XR Portable Pilot Unit on "Pioneering Spirit" marked with red circles. 

The pilots used the highly precise ADX-XR Portable Pilot Unit with Qastor navigation software from Saab subsidiaries AD Navigation and QPS. According to the pilot on board, the system did a perfect job.

The Pioneering Spirit with her length of 382m and a width of 124 meter is a unique vessel.

 "Pioneering Spirit" turning, viewed in Qastor navigation software. 

The vessel will be used for decommissioning platforms at sea and for pipe lay operations up to depths of 3500m. For more information see the shipowner's website

This project shows the full integrated capabilities that Saab's maritime traffic management business has to offer:

•ADX-XR Portable Pilot Units for centimeter precision navigation of ships;

V3000 Vessel Traffic Services system to manage marine traffic;

QPS Qastor with reliable and accurate position and orientation data, Qastor offers the pilot a tool that improve situational awareness, thereby easing the navigation task.