Scalable Support levels

Basic support

With basic support, Saab will generally fill in any gaps in the customer´s capabilities, while allowing them to retain control over and responsibility for the main part of maintenance and logistics at their site(s). Examples of basic support: Initial provisioning of spare parts and tools, technical publications, MRO services on ad-hoc basis and initial training.


Extended support

With extended support, Saab will usually manage the execution of support and/or services at the customer site(s) to a great extent. This solution can be fully customised and tailor-made. Examples of extended support: contracted PBTH based MRO services, field representative on site, contracted follow-on training on regular basis.

Availability support

With the most comprehensive level of support, availability support, Saab works on site with the customer to provide a complete turn-key solution, allowing the customer to fully focus on their core business. Examples of availability support: full availability based turnkey solution. Leave it to us!