Smart support at every stage
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Support Solutions

Every product has a life cycle and needs to deliver maximum availability and be as cost efficient as possible at all times while you are staying focused on your core operation. We can help you achieve this by providing a customisable, scalable and fully integrated support solution, simply smart.

The life cycle support concept

Establish support

A relevant and efficient design of a support system is key to avoid problems in the in-service phase.

In-service support

Availability is not an obvious state, but yet a requirement if you want to maintain efficiency and stay focused on your core operation.

End of life support

When it´s time to phase out a system or a product there are many areas to be considered in order to achieve a cost efficient, safe and acceptable result.

Support Levels

Saab´s support solutions are tailored, scalable and always smart. We provide support in three levels - Basic, Extended and Availability.

Domain Capabilities

Saab’s vast portfolio of high-end products stretches over all domains. This means that our support services do as well. We have a long history and extensive experience in providing support. We have been around for ~100 years and you can rest assured that our commitment is long-term.


Around the world, Saab has a firm belief in investing in local businesses and industries. We believe in sharing our technology, our ideas and our thinking with our partners for mutual benefit and better outcomes.

Certificates and Approvals

Saab hold almost 70 different certifications and approvals which ensures that our delivery complies with current regulations.