QOMS - Quality & Operations Management System for airports The digital operational handbook for airports


What is essential for running a secure and cost-effective airport operation? Efficient operations management is a good start. QOMS is a support system from Saab that helps airport personnel work efficiently and correctly.

QOMS is a process-oriented quality and operations-management system. It assists in all operations, from the handling of lost & found and deviation reporting to how to conform to the Civil Aviation Authority’s rules and regulations.

QOMS ensures a process-oriented way of working, providing optimal conditions for running traceable and quality-assured operations like ISO-9001-certified airports.

Superior overview

QOMS functionality includes process flow charts, AI/AR document handling, quality, deviation handling and safety management.

The correct procedures

Based on Eurocontrol Safety Assessment Methodology, QOMS assists in how to conduct safety assessments when new activities or systems are introduced, the operation is changed, or incidents occur.