Ceros 200 - Optimal Weapon control onboard Provides excellent defence against any modern threat


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CEROS 200 is a radar and optronic tracking fire control director designed for use on naval ships. When interfaced to modern missile or gun systems it provides excellent defence against any modern threat including advanced sea skimming missiles or asymmetric surface threats in littoral environments.

For the operators the advantages of CEROS 200 are found in the world class performance in terms of automatic target detection and lock-on, high acquisition speed and great tracking precision combined with the ability to track any target in any weather situation.

The versatile CEROS 200 can track multiple supersonic missiles as well as surface targets extremely close to the ship and enables fast target switching.

CEROS 200 is based on the experience from deliveries of more than 200 fire control systems to navy’s world-wide and has proven successful operation in all waters from arctic to tropical.