Deployable Aircraft Maintenance Facility


Enhanced capability anywhere, anytime

  • Enhanced capability - Increased aircraft maintenance capacity
  • Multispectral protection - Proven lifesaving in mission environment
  • Minimum logistical footprint - Rapid deployment and reduced cost
  • Minimum maintenance requirements - Maximum operational availability

The concept

One of the most essential parameters of an aircraft fleet at all times is availability, even more so when operating out of remotely located and dispersed forward bases, far away from the Main Operating Base. To ensure availability, sufficient maintenance capacity at the Forward Operating Base is crucial.

The Saab Deployable Aircraft Maintenance facility provides enhanced maintenance capacity and can be deployed rapidly wherever the need arises, enabling increased aircraft availability.


The solution

The Saab Deployable Aircraft Maintenance facility comprises a First Line Maintenance Hangar for storage, protection and maintenance of the aircraft, Maintenance Containers and integrated Barracuda multispectral camouflage protection.

The Deployable Aircraft Maintenance facility requires minimum logistical footprint and maintenance. It is rapidly deployed, enabling flexibility and mobility. The rigid design and compliance with NATO environmental standards facilitates operation in the toughest of climates.


Multispectral camouflage provides protection against detection in the visual, near infrared, short wave infrared, thermal infrared and broadband radar wavebands, this significantly improves force survivability.

The multispectral protection is based on Barracudas 50 year long heritage within the field of signature management, supplying over 60 customers worldwide.

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Infographics about the solution.
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