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    Combat Systems and C4I Solutions
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The 9Air Compact C2 is a swift, straightforward way to integrate a Link 16 Tactical Data Link into your operational capability.

The 9AIR C4I concept: complete control for all weapons, sensors and communications. The missions that air forces face today, and those that will come tomorrow, demand the ability to seamlessly implement different strategies.

This can range from peacekeeping operations, air policing missions and border patrol to full combat and joint war scenarios. The 9AIR C4I family is scalable and flexible, providing control for all missions, air forces and operations.

It provides the situational awareness and communications that operators need to make the right choices, and to act on them swiftly and effectively.

The 9AIR C4I Product family


Tactical Operations Command
& Control System


Control & Reporting System

9AIR Compact C2

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