U.S. Market Insights These are Two Major Game-Changers in ATM Systems Integration

Why ATM Needs Systems Integration
The future of air traffic management (ATM) depends on greater, seamless connectivity at many levels. As air traffic volumes grow, the industry will continue to embrace collaboration and systems integration in order to maintain safety and improve efficiency. Tomorrow's tools will eliminate data silos and allow all stakeholders to work together more effectively. These tools will seamlessly incorporate advanced decision support capabilities and game-changing solutions, like digital towers, to improve operational performance and lower costs.

Two Game-Changers
1) Advanced Decision Support
This evolution is already taking place. Air traffic control (ATC), airport, and airline organizations are procuring better integrated systems to replace the numerous, disconnected displays that have cluttered their desks for years. And not only are these new systems more integrated, they are smarter, seamlessly blending advanced algorithms with core toolsets. Through the incorporation of decision support information, like dynamic predictions and automated safety alerts, controllers and operators are provided with the information they need to make better decisions while being free to focus on their operation instead of their tools.

2) Digital Towers
Digital towers are also making operations more seamless. These game-changing technologies are enabling local, remote, and contingency services to be handled through a single, consistent approach. With the flexibility to balance and centralize resources, digital towers open the door for safety and efficiency enhancements that go well beyond what is possible with traditional towers.

How Saab is Leading the Effort
Saab ATM is at the forefront of all of these changes. We are continuing to develop the most advanced, integrated working position available for ATC tower and approach controllers. Building upon our proven A-SMGCS and e-Strip products, we are incorporating higher-level A-SMGCS functions and numerous other capabilities to streamline controllers' jobs. We also remain committed to promoting and implementing airport collaborative decision making (CDM) solutions around the world, and have been steadily enhancing our Aerobahn CDM Suite for over 13 years. Finally, as pioneers in the remote tower space, we continue to push the envelope and work with early adopters to apply digital towers to the unique needs of their region and organization.

With advanced decision support and digital towers on the horizon, systems integration is crucial to the future of ATM. And from where we're standing, that future looks bright. 

Rob Brown
Head of Portfolio & Strategy
Saab Air Traffic Management

Angeline Schreiber
Business Analyst
Saab Air Traffic Management

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