Saab demos Common Radar Upgrade for U.S. Navy

The AN/SPS-49 was created to support the U.S. Navy's long-range radar surveillance for the next 30 to 40 years. Initially manufactured in the 1970s, it now faces obsolescence, due to lack of support from original equipment manufacturers, diminishing sources for key subsystems, and reduced availability of critical hardware components.

Saab's CRU package resolves these issues. Making use of previous R&D investments, the upgrade uses open-architecture components that are modular, compartmentalised and extensible, allowing them to be reused across different systems.

"Saab's radar upgrade improves the reliability and lifespan of the U.S. Navy's AN/SPS-49 system, enabling it to fulfil the Navy's needs in the coming decades," says Erik Smith, head of the SDAS Sensor Systems business unit. "At the same time, it significantly reduces development costs, as well as support costs for the customer."