Saab at the Police Federation Annual Conference 2017


Saab participated at the Police Federation Annual Conference in Birmingham on 16 and 17 May 2017, displayed an advanced software product, SAFE. The product was brought to the UK public safety market in late 2015 and has a growing customer base in the UK’s emergency services sector.

The conference is held every year in May by the Police Federation, and representatives from 43 forces throughout England and Wales, as well as from Scotland, Northern Ireland and overseas attend to share good practice and debate issues facing policing. This year, the theme of the conference was ‘Protecting The Protectors’. The Police Federation collaborates with ITN productions in a ‘Above and Beyond’ programme, which reports on the issues that impact on the health and safety of police officers, and their effectiveness in an environment of cost-cutting and changing threats to public safety. Saab was pleased with becoming part of the ‘Above and Beyond’ programme, launched on the eve of the annual conference. Saab collaboratively worked with ITN productions to create a news and current-affairs style programme, hosted by National newsreader, Natasha Kaplinsky. Our film was used in the ‘Above and Beyond Showcase’ at the conference and also goes live on the Police Federation website.

About SAFE

SAFE is a unified mission-critical control room solution, bringing all the functions involved in emergency response into a single application. Saab works to further develop SAFE to meet the specific challenges UK police forces face and needs of the UK market. SAFE delivers great efficiency, speed and service benefits to mission-critical users: police; fire and rescue services; ambulance; airports; prisons; transport and security services. SAFE is a purely software application, designed to provide maximum flexibility in the choice of equipment and allows customers to benefit from previous and future investments, as well as enabling easy maintenance, adaptations and upgrades.

 For UK Police forces, SAFE brings a number of benefits:

  • It will enable contact handlers to take more information from the public at the very first point of contact, they can then share this information with officers who are being deployed.
  • Officers on the street will have more information at their fingertips, enabling them to spend more time with victims and witnesses, and giving them the facts to make crucial decisions.
  • It will improve the way in which police officers are deployed, meaning that the right resource with the right skills is always sent at the right time.
  • It will open up the possibility for new ways in which the public can interact with the police, including email, webchat and social media channels. The opportunity for the public to track the progress of cases online will reduce demand on police resources.
  • It will reduce cost by replacing multiple legacy systems with expensive support agreements and by removing the need for specialist hardware; SAFE is a software application running on standard computers.