Welcome to Saab United Kingdom

For over 40 years Saab's UK operations have delivered advanced defence and security systems for the UK market, working with our customers to meet the challenges they face in demanding, dynamic situations at home and abroad. We partner with an extensive supply chain across the UK from our four main sites situated in London, Westbury, Hull and Saab SeaEye, based in Fareham, the market leader in remotely operated underwater vehicles.

In a complex world we have developed and deployed live training simulation and ground combat systems to the British Army for use around the world, advanced radars which have detected threats and kept people safe wherever they have been used, simulation and security management systems to UK police forces, and Air Traffic Management systems for today's rapidly changing air transport market. Throughout this time, Saab was worked closely with our UK defence industry counterparts to deliver innovative, joint solutions to complicated, multi-dimensional problems. Our work in UK is proof that Saab anticipates tomorrow; that our thinking edge pushes the boundaries, breaks convention and enables us develop clever solutions to keep people and society safe.