The Bill 2 System Is A Perfect Match For Improving Thailand's Mid-Range Anti-Tank Capability

Saab is offering the comprehensive 84 mm multi-purpose support weapon system Carl-Gustaf and the medium-range anti-tank guided missile system Bill 2 to Thailand.

The Carl-Gustaf is already well-established in the ranks of the Royal Thai Army.

The Bill 2 is one of the most versatile medium-range anti-tank guided missiles there is, with a range of up to 2,200 meters and a warhead which allows combating not only main battle tanks from any angle, but can also be set to modes suited for a wide range of unarmoured targets both in the open and in defilade. This system would be a perfect match further improving Thailand's mid-range anti-tank capability. 

The Carl-Gustaf has a number of different ammunition types. The HE441 D round, for instance, is effective against a number of different targets and will fly out to 1300 meters if necessary, and the MT 756 is a dedicated anti-structure tandem round.

Why Thailand needs this

Thailand has a need to protect its borders. Saab's systems were originally conceived as defensive weapons optimized for quick movement and for being able to carry out many different kinds of missions with the same equipment. To this end, it is possible to bring both these systems in any vehicle, on foot, and even when parachuting to the objective. This means that Thailand will improve further on an already well-established capability to counter armoured threats if it chooses to acquire the Bill 2 system.

The different ammunition types for the Carl-Gustaf offer the capability to do anything from destroying armour to buildings to any other battlefield target, and also illuminate it or obscure it with smoke.