Saab’s Latest Carl-Gustaf M4 System Impresses Customers In Live Fire Demonstration

Defence and security company Saab newly-developed and much sought-after Carl-Gustaf M4 saw the debut. During a successful ground combat systems demonstration at the Saab Bofors Test Center the M4 was the clear highlight for everyone present.Intelligent, lightweight and flexible; the Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest man-portable shoulder-launched multi-role weapon system from Saab.

Weighing less than 7 kg the Carl-Gustaf M4 is a future-proof design that provides users with flexible capability and helps troops to remain agile in any scenario.
Since the introduction of the M1 model in 1948, the dependable Carl-Gustaf has become one of the most prestigious and battle-proven weapon systems in modern military history. It is now in service with over 40 countries around the world. Over the years, continuous evolution by Saab has ensured that the Carl-Gustaf remains effective and relevant across all operational environments.
The M4 is a further development of today’s widely deployed Carl-Gustaf M3. It looks reassuringly familiar to anyone acquainted with the earlier versions, and is completely compatible with older ammunition types, but features a host of improvements to make it even more versatile and future-proof.
“Its lightweight and shorter design, operational flexibility and high accuracy offer a truly powerful combination, not to mention it is as close to recoilless as you can get,” says Ulf Eriksson, product director at Saab and former infantry commander in the Swedish Army. 
“The M4 has been developed as a response to the evolving needs of our customers and we were very pleased to show the new capabilities to such a distinguished audience.”
To showcase the M4’s many design and capability enhancements a ground combat systems demonstration was held in Sweden on 24-25 September 2014. This customer-focused event was attended by about 120 guests from more than 20 nations. Itwas the first time the M4’s unmatched capabilities were revealed in front of an audience. Existing users and potential new customers could see for themselves how the Carl-Gustaf M4 gives soldiers a true multi-role capability with a wide range of ammunition types.

The demonstration included a comprehensive series of successful firings with a range of ammunition types against moving and static targets. The demonstration also featured other renowned products from Saab including the AT4, NLAW anti-tank system and MAPAM mortar ammunition. Recently Saab unveiled the development of significant new capabilities for the AT4 family of disposable shoulder-launched weapons. These enhancements will deliver extended range (ER) and improved high explosive (HE) effects. This will allow the soldier to defeat enemy targets with much greater flexibility and in many more scenarios.In addition to technical firings on the range the demonstration also incorporated a tactical scenario to underline the effectiveness and suitability of the systems in various demanding combat situations.

"We wanted our customers to see and know what to expect from our products and how they perform in a force-on-force situation. I am pleased to say that all products performed as expected and I am very happy with the outcome. Judging by the response from our guests the demonstration has proven to be a great success.” says Torbjörn Saxmo, head of Business Unit Ground Combat, Saab"
Saab sees great potential for all its ground combat systems in the coming years, not least for the new Carl-Gustaf M4 which is already attracting a high level of interest. 
The M4 is an ideal solution for future customers who will find the new variant applicable to a wider range of battlefield scenarios than ever before. It will also allow existing M2/M3 users to add extra capable systems for especially demanding missions, without having to change training or doctrine.
Discussions with customers are already under way and September’s demo event further confirms Saab’s leading position as a supplier of modern ground combat weapon systems.
The official Carl-Gustaf M4 product launch will take place at the AUSA exhibition in Washington D. C. on 13-15 October 2014.


Carl-Gustaf M4 Facts
M2: Weight: 14.2kg Length: 1130mm

M3: Weight: 10kg Length: 1065mm

M4: Weight: <7kg Length: <1000mm

LIGHTER: Builds upon the success of its predecessor by offering an even shorter length and a weight of less than 7 kilos.
INTELLIGENT SIGHT: Compatible with intelligent sight systems, ensuring maximum effect in any tactical situation.
IMPROVED ERGONOMICS: Overall improved ergonomics enables soldiers to adjust the weapon to suit them and includes an adjustable shoulder rest and front grip.
REDUCED ACTION TIME: Can be carried safely loaded to enable the user to act faster.
ROUND COUNTER: Integrated shot counter for improved logistics and maintenance.
FLEXIBLE: A wide range of ammunition types and sight options ensures unique flexibility for the multi-role Carl-Gustaf M4 user.