Saab’s Combat Simulation Centre Prepares War Fighters For Conflicts Of Tomorrow

Preparedness is the key to counter the conflicts of tomorrow. With the same intention, Saab is offering Combat Simulation Centre (CSC) to the Royal Thai Air Force, for preparing war fighters for the conflicts of tomorrow.

With a focus on information warfare, asset movements, and weapon systems – all linked closely together and affecting each other – the CSC is the pure definition of a training centre designed for Network Centric Warfare. The CSC is meant for the RTAF Training Simulation Centre to be established in Bangkok.
The CSC will provide the RTAF with several capabilities, which includes setting up of tactical training missions such as four versus four Beyond Visual Range (BVR) combat scenarios, large Combined Air Operations (COMAO) missions and visual attacks against maneuvering air targets. The CSC also lends itself very well for Mission Rehearsal before conducting a certain mission in reality, thereby fine-tuning team cooperation and maximizing the chances of success. A third area of usage is Tactics Development. In the most cost efficient way, the CSC can elaborate and evaluate new tactics in advance before implementation in operational use.
Meeting Thai requirements

When training in CSC, pilots and fighter controllers struggle to build a superior Situation Awareness, using active and passive sensors as well as high-performing data links between entities, and then using this information superiority to outmaneuver the enemy. In the short perspective these exercises include only twoships and fourships of Gripens and other fighters, aided by ground-based and airborne fighter controllers. But in the medium and long perspective they can also encompass data link information exchange with navy ships, forward air controllers and ground-based air defenses.

Also to be noted is the fact that Saab has the advantage of being the supplier of the original Gripen fighter. This means that a user of Gripen and CSC can develop systems and tactics synchronized with each other. Saab also has a cooperation and experience exchange with the Swedish Air Force Combat Simulation Centre FLSC.
Under Saab’s Transfer of Tehcnology package, the RTAF can operate and maintain the CSC in setting up scenarios and exercises and further development of own tactics and tactical training with the Gripen. The package also gives the RTAF the ability to easily integrate any type of simulator in the CSC, opening the door to any desired Network Centric Warfare extensions, including future expansion opportunities with training devices from the Royal Thai Navy and the Royal Thai Army.
Saab’s strong partnership with Avia Satcom gives a solid ground for using the full potential of the CSC, yielding lower life cycle costs through local maintenance and operational support, all handled through a quick response by skilled personnel speaking Thai.