Saab Technology Transfer Enables Avia Satcom’s TIRA CMS

Saab’s local partner AVIA Satcom recently launched the TIRA local Combat Management System which is an outcome of a technology transfer programme between Saab and AVIA Satcom.

The two companies have worked seamlessly together for over more than 5 years to build naval engineering and project management competencies at AVIA. This has resulted in the launch of AVIA’s own product - the AVIA TIRA Combat Management System.

In another significant milestone, recent tests performed by Royal Thai Navy and Royal Thai Air Force with support from Saab and AVIA Satcom resulted in a demonstration of interoperable capabilities between the Royal Thai Navy and the Royal Thai Air Force. Both the Gripen and the SAAB 340 AEW aircraft connected successfully with H.T.M.S. ChakriNaruebet over data links and shared radar and other information. This marks a significant step in the development of the Thai Armed Forces and brings Thailand into a small group of countries in the world with this advanced capability.

Saab has upgraded the command and control system on the H.T.M.S. ChakriNaruebet. The aircraft carrier has been fitted with the latest generation of command and control system, 9LV Mk4. Saab has also supplied data-link equipment to the ship, which allows communication between the ship and the Royal Thai Air Force’s Gripen fighter aircraft and the airborne radar system Erieye, carried by the Saab 340 AEW.

Speaking on the occasion of the AVIA TIRA Combat Management System launch, Dan Enstedt, President & CEO Saab Asia Pacific, said “Today's event is an extremely important part of Saab's work to ensure that Thailand can rely on the products and services we have delivered to the Thai Armed Forces, and in particular to the Royal Thai Navy. It is Saab's clear ambition to ensure that the trust Thailand has placed in Saab and Sweden will be seen as a correct decision by Thailand and that Saab can continue to provide valuable services to Thailand for a long time to come.”

The launch of the AVIA TIRA CMS is a result of Saab's focus on local content and establishment of local strongholds in countries where Saab has its most important and most valuable customers.

AVIA Satcom has built the capability to implement and integrate a Combat Management System for small to medium size naval platforms while Saab will continue for the present to manage the requirements of larger naval platforms.

The core of the AVIA system (TIRA) comes from the Saab 9LV family and is the insurance for a stable platform. AVIA  nowhas the capability to adapt and tailor this platform to specific in-country requirements. As a result of the H.T.M.S. Naresuan and H.T.M.S. Chakri Naruebet projects, where AVIA  has been deeply involved, the TIRA CMS already includes a significant number of software modules developed by AVIA.

With the TIRA, Saab and AVIA have put in place an in-country resource, comprising of competence and products, which will open a unique opportunity for the Royal Thai Navy to work with when modernizing its fleet.

According to Dan Enstedt, “Saab and AVIA Satcom have taken the first step to put this resource in place, we now hope that the Royal Thai Navy will take the opportunity to make use of this resource and make sure it will continue develop to its full potential. We have not only established AVIA as a system provider with the TIRA CMS, we have also secured a viable, long term solution for in-country support of all Saab's products in the Royal Thai Navy. Availability and easy access to competent support is a key factor to ensure upkeep of performance and operational availability of the products Saab has delivered to the Royal Thai Navy. Competent support is provided by Saab’s local partner AVIA Satcom and is only a phone call away, in the same time zone talking the same language.”

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