Cutting Edge Naval Solutions Customized To Thailand's Requirements

The full suite of Saab's Combat Management System (CMS)  and integrated fire control solutions in configurations for every type of Coast Guard and naval vessel, is on offer for the Royal Thai Navy

The latest generation of Saab 9LV solutions is built on operationally proven modules and fielded in the major combatants of navies such as the Royal Australian Navy, the Swedish Navy and many others. Building on the experience in over 230 warship installations, the CMS offering from Saab is the open architecture, flexible and extensible, 9LV family.

This offer is applicable to all types of vessels from patrol vessels, corvettes, frigates and aircraft carriers.
Saab's attitude towards winning business in Thailand is what gives its proposition an edge over that of others. Saab focuses a little bit more on the total offer than on specific technical features. It believes in providing cutting edge solutions that are customized to the requirements of each country’s forces.