Saab Can Offer A Width Of Capabilities Through Local Partners

Saab is not new to Singapore. It has been a proven partner for Singapore’s defence forces and has been present in Singapore for more than 27 years through FFV, Bofors, Celsius, Ericsson Microwave etc.

Over the years, Singapore’s armed forces have acquired from Saab a range of different systems and technology. Different versions of the Giraffe family radars, RBS 70 systems and advanced underwater technology in relations to the former Swedish Submarines are in use in Singapore. Products have also been delivered from Saab’s civil security portfolio such as Airborne Traffic Management technology as well as AIS technology, to mention a few.

Presently Saab is interested in a number of activities in Singapore that furthers their intention to partner Singapore’s defence requirements. Saab would like to work on upgrading systems such as Giraffe AMB, RBS 70, submarine systems and Air Traffic Management systems, provide new radar systems both for land and naval applications, signature management solutions, coastal surveillance systems among others. Each product is designed to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions that meet specific customer needs.

The company is a responsible partner supporting Singapore’s national security goals in developing advanced defence systems. Singapore’s unique location makes it a very interesting partner for all type of coastal surveillance and monitoring solutions, an area that Saab has a long and well documented track record in.
Saab’s approach to technology has much synergy with Singapore’s needs for products that are easy to operate, require minimum logistics and have high safety. Its products can help increase efficiency and “to do more with less”. Products such as Skeldar, for instance, have a modern graphical user interface that makes it easy to operate. Similarly, launch and recovery requires only minimum logistics. High autonomy during take-off, flight and landing necessitates high safety.
At the recently held Singapore Air Show, Saab showcased leading edge technologies and a width of capabilities that it can offer through local partners. The products on display ranged from the Skeldar to Air Traffic Management, RBS 70 NG, Giraffe Radar systems, ESTL (a counter-measure system for fighters), Saab 340 MSA, Barracuda Signature Management and 9Air Compact.
Furthermore, Singapore has indigenously developed a strong defence industry which is today competing against major defence companies in products ranging from artillery to armoured vehicle, small arms and ammunition. Saab looks forward to cooperating with these local partners in the aim of providing the best solutions for Singapore.