Saab Barracuda: The Art Of Deception

To achieve a robust and formidable defense system, Singapore, like other countries with an advanced defence doctrine, has designed a multi-layered air defense system.

It is a carefully calibrated model, comprising an array of sensors, shooters and command and control (C2) systems. These elements are networked to provide enhanced air situation picture and allow fast and effective responses to attrite aerial threats. 

But, the adversaries these days are advanced and the chances of them leaking through the multi-layered air defense are high putting the whole country at risk.

In such scenarios, passive defense measures like camouflage and concealment technologies come to aid by further reducing the effectiveness of the residual strikes. With the digitalization of battlefields and more sensors coming in, physical blending isn’t enough when thermal imaging solutions spot out alien objects in natural topography. The solution is to get protection against visual, radar, thermal imaging and infra red and Saab Barracuda products on offer to Singapore master the art of deception by providing a comprehensive solution suite.  

“Saab Barracuda can offer is the full range of Signature Management solutions to Singapore, such as Mobile Camouflage, Static and personal camouflage products. As the world leader in Signature Management, we will deliver customized state of the art technology for the customer, following the demands and needs of the client. Singapore and other customers will have a full multispectral protection in all aspects, consisting both material and design solutions made for the user, based on the customer’s demands if they choose our products,” said Magnus Gäfvert, VP & Head of Marketing and Sales, Saab Barracuda.  

To counter Infiltration operations, there is untapped potential for the use of Saab Barracuda Multi-spectral Camouflage nets (MSCN) and more importantly for Multi-spectral Personal Camouflage Equipment (MSPCE) such as Special Operations Tactical Suiting (SOTACS) primarily for use of advance scouts who operate in remote outposts for long hours. For border areas, Ponchos and Sniper Suits deceive infiltrators using Night Vision Goggles, IR Binoculars, etc. Barracuda personal over-wear (is worn over load carriages) has unique properties to reduce thermal signatures and it also blends with surroundings.

To aid armies in their operation, Saab Barracuda has a complete range of Concealment, Camouflage and Deception equipment (CCD).

Saab is bringing to Singapore cutting edge technologies and world leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab is a responsible partner supporting Singapore’s national security goals in developing advanced defence systems.   Each product on offer is designed to out-think the opposition to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions that meet Singapore’s needs.