Mega Ship With Saab 9LV CMS Commissioned

Saab welcomes the newest addition to the Royal Australian Navy, the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) HMAS CANBERRA. Weighing in at a massive 27831 tonnes the LHD was commissioned on 28 November 2014 and is the largest warship to be fitted with the Saab 9LV Combat Management System.

The massive ship is almost quarter of a kilometre long from stem to stern and is a huge boost in capability for the RAN. So what do you get for $1.5 billion dollars? The Tale of the Tape is impressive:

  • Length: 230m
  • Beam: 32m
  • Crew & embarked forces accommodation: 1360
  • Max Speed: 20+ knots
  • Max Range: 9250 nm
  • Flight Deck: 4,750 sqm

Crewed by 293 RAN, 62 Army and 3 RAAF members, the ship is also equipped to carry an embarked force of 1046 troops and up to 110 vehicles including up to 12 M1 Abrams tanks. The flight deck and hangar support operations with up to 18 helicopters, with six of those operational simultaneously. Facilities on the ship include:

  • 18 recreation rooms
  • Two gymnasiums
  • Two reading rooms
  • Video, TV, music, telephone and internet facilities
  • Full hospital with two operating theatres

Saab equipment onboard the LHD include the 9LV Combat System with 10 consoles and the Sea Giraffe AMB 3D Air Search Radar.The LHDs are fitted with a Saab 9LV Combat Management System similar to the ANZAC FFH Class.

The CMS and weapon and sensor suite will be tasked with air and surface surveillance, self defence against asymetric threats, support for helicopter and watercraft operations, and an integrated multi-Link capability.

New functionality added to the Saab 9LV CMS family for LHD includes support for Amphibious Operations and updates to allow integration of the new sensors and weapons. The Amphibious Operations suite also includes Aircraft Traffic Control (ATC) functions for the embarked LHD helicopters as well as potentially supporting other operational and civilian aircraft.


The team at Saab Australia was responsible for the overall development and integration of the CMS.