Saab In Singapore

Singapore sits at the heart of the world’s commerce, linking Europe and Eastern USA with the dynamic economies of South East Asia, Australia, Japan, Korea and China.


In providing for the defence of this fulcrum of the global economy, Singapore looks for high technology products that are affordable, scalable, reliable and provided by local industry or partners which can deliver support solutions over an extended period of time.


Sweden enjoys a special defence relationship with Singapore, including a MoU for defence cooperation with the Singapore Armed Forces and a number of ongoing programs.


Singapore is also looking for affordable and scalable solutions of the latest state-of-the-art technology – and that fits very well with Saab products.


Saab brings to Singapore world leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab is a responsible partner supporting Singapore’s national security goals in developing advanced defence systems. 


Saab has been a proven partner for Singapore’s defence forces. Singapore armed forces have acquired from Saab radar systems, advanced underwater systems, C2 components, Anti-Tank Systems and RBS 70 Anti-Aircraft Missile System.


Saab is interested in a number of Singapore programs including upgrade of current AMB systems, new radar systems both for land and naval applications, signature management for new vehicles, new generation of Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems, mobile hospital, upgrade of submarine system, ATM, among others.


Saab and Singaporean companies can partner in developing existing product portfolio for the Singapore and global markets. Saab is a reliable, high technology defence partner with world leading technologies that will enable Singaporean companies to deliver next generation technologies and products. Saab’s successful industrial cooperation programmes provide Singaporean companies an avenue for access to high technology in multiple domains which would not only give them unfettered transfer of technology but also enable them to develop future generation on their own.


Saab is not only a provider of reliable, world-leading technologies; it brings as a supplier to Singapore an ethos of trust, reliability and long term relationships.