Round The Clock Protection At The DMZ

A source of quick, reliable information on the battlefield can make a huge difference when it comes to reacting to a hostile situation. Saab’s Arthur radar is a mobile weapon-locating system with the capability to rapidly detect incoming artillery fire on the front lines.

The system uses high tech sensors to locate the projectile, map its source and detect the type of artillery used. The valuable data is used to enact effective countermeasures and launch counter fire in a short time span. Arthur is designed keeping speed and accuracy in mind and has the ability to scan 90 degrees of the horizon in just 32 nanoseconds. It is so accurate that it can pin point an object the size of a coin at a distance of 60 kms.

The Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) has deployed the Arthur radar in strategic locations around the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Jong Heuck (James) Lee, Saab’sSeoul-based local support team member explains, “Blinking dots indicate targets and Arthur keeps special watch on them. The system is looking for ballistic trajectories, so it rejects everything other than rockets, artillery and mortars. If something is detected the weapon type will be shown as a symbol.” On detection the system sends a signal to ROKA’s Fire Detection Center, which then proceeds with retaliation protocol. “The entire process occurs within just two minutes”, Lee adds.

To ensure proper functioning of the Arthur system Saab has deployed a local support team which provides support and training to the officers, 24x7. The support team gets further assistance from a back-office team in Gothenburg, Sweden which is responsible for maintaining and developing the product.

The Arthur system has been in operation in South Korea since 2009 and an agreement with the army promises spare parts and service commitment. Saab works closely with South Korea making sure that the product is further developed according to their needs. Håkan Borin, Saab’s Country Manager in South Korea says that Saab’s dedication “gives the customer a high level of security, since we guarantee to always have spare parts that have kept pace with technological development and which can work in the system.”

Along with the Arthur radar, South Korea has utilized Saab’s Ceros 200 technology for patrol vessels and the ESM antennas for their submarine program.