Saab: Korea's Partner For Tomorrow's Technologies

Korea as a market shows sincere interest in Saab's product portfolio, which in turn create  substantial opportunities ranging from individual sales of Optical Gyros to being an active partner in the Korean Government funded joint development programmes of advanced and future defence technology.

The successful and ongoing ARTHUR WLR programme with LIG Nex1, Skeldar, Naval ESM/C-ESM, Airborne EW continue to present opportunities of collaboration.

The successful signature with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) for the Royal Thai Navy progamme will hopefully also lead to more Combat Management System and sensor opportunities through DSME and other Korean ship yards, both on an export towards Navy customers around the globe as well as the Republic of Korea Navy. The globally dominant position held by the Korean ship yards also offers opportunities within the civil security domain. For instance, lately there has been an interest in Saab's TactiCall solutions towards the Oil & Gas/Off shore segment.

Apart from these, Saab is pursuing and closely monitoring the KFX and KLAH programme to secure relevant participation. Its products and technology knowledge draws a lot of attention from the Korean customer.
The palpable situation with North Korea requires South Korea to constantly keep track of new technology as well as to improve and upgrade existing defence systems. Saab strives to constantly be in the forefront of technology and adapt to customer requirements and can offer the latest and most advanced technology to protect the Korean Armed Forces.
The company is also known for its worldwide industrial cooperation programmes and technological contribution to local industry. Korea is no exception in this regard. Saab is Korea's partner for tomorrow's technologies.