Saab Korea: Bringing ideas together in Korea

Saab has a repository of cutting edge technology developed over years of building defence systems to deal with compelling political realities. Saab is prepared to share technology and has implemented very successfully a number of industrial cooperation programs around the world. As a result of having one of the world’s foremost fighter aircraft technologies, tried and tested electronic warfare systems, ground and air based missile defence systems, mature data-linking systems and a repertoire of technologies across domains, Saab has the systems portfolio that is of interest to Korean programmes.


Arthur is a mobile weapon-locating system, designed for tactical use on the front line. It has the ability to rapidly detect incoming artillery fire and can calculate the firing site and point of impact, enabling effective counter-fire to take place within a few seconds. Based on these calculations priorities are made and directions are provided for effective counter-battery fire. In fire control mode, Arthur will track the projectiles of own fire and extrapolate the points of impact. In Sense & Warn mode, extrapolation of points of impact of incoming fire will trigger timely warning to own troops.

AESA radar technology

With 60 years of experience at the forefront of radar design, and more than 3,000 radar systems in operation in 30 countries, Saab has become one of the world’s leading radar suppliers. Furthermore, Saab has more than 30 years of AESA design experience. This depth of experience and Saab’s understanding of radar cost, performance, reliability and packaging issues results in a unique technology solution.

Electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare (EW) systems supports mission success. Saab´s EW systems are designed to provide exceptional situational awareness with the ability to detect, localise and identify RF based threats. This gives the information and decision superiority needed to be on top of the electronic battlefield. And if detected, protection from countermeasure systems will mitigate the risks in the hostile engagement in order to complete the mission and leave the engagement zone for a safe return home. Saab can provide everything from Electronic Support Measures, Radar Warner Receivers and Jammers to self-protection systems with Missile Approach Warners and Countermeasure Dispenser Systems.

GLSDB (Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb)

Developed in partnership with Boeing, the GLSDB is a flexible, precise and reliable weapon that exemplifies the value of Saab´s thinking edge. The Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) is a long range precision incendiary solution that widens the capabilities of armed forces. Highly effective and accurate over long ranges, the GLSDB is designed to meet the evolving needs of today's and tomorrow's armed forces. Capable of conducting reverse slope engagements and defeating a range of targets, from hardened facilities to soft-skinned assets, the GLSDB adds another dimension to armed forces' capabilities.

Carl Gustaf M4

Saab's lightweight Carl Gustaf M4 was introduced to the market just last year. The M4 has all the flexibility and lethality of previous Carl Gustaf variants, however, thanks to far-reaching design changes and improvements it now weighs less than 7 kg, delivering a significant improvement in soldier mobility. The M4 is also compatible with future battlefield technology such as intelligent sighting systems for programmable ammunition. The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the next evolutionary step in the development of Saab's multi-role, portable weapon systems. It can be deployed in any combat environment to effectively dictate the outcome of each engagement. As with all versions of the Carl-Gustaf, the latest M4 provides a capable, flexible and easy-to-master solution for current and new customers. Saab's design philosophy ensures the effective use of the system when it matters most. For users, the Carl-Gustaf system has proven to be very simple to train with and employ. It's a short step from when an individual sees the system for the first time, to being proficient in use on military operations.



Hakan BorinAccording to Håkan Borin, Country Manager, Saab Korea, “Our major objective is to become the most preferred supplier within the technologies that the Saab product portfolio offers that will fit the needs of the Korean Armed Forces. In terms of developing local weapon systems, the country is looking for partners and Saab can definitely play a strategic role in certain areas of technologies.

Korea’s national security is essential to peace and stability in the region. Such security can arise only from Korean companies developing defence systems. Saab is a reliable, high technology defence partner with world leading technologies that will enable Korean companies to deliver next generation technologies and products. We bring advanced systems for surveillance and protection of the borders, infrastructure and civil society.

Saab offers access to cost efficient leading edge technologies. Saab is supporting Korea’s goals for a safer future by strengthening ties with Korea’s indigenous defence industry. Together, we are developing innovative ideas and facilitating the development of tomorrow’s advanced weapon systems.

By building successful partnerships, our thinking edge leads to new and innovative technologies that Korean forces can rely on. Technologies for future fighter jets, electronic defence systems, reconnaissance and surveillance and ground and air defence systems are all being offered to Korea in country customized versions. Saab brings to Korea long term commitment to joint development efforts that will provide the country a decisive edge. We are intensifying our operations in Korea with a long-term perspective of offering relevant technological know-how to the Korean defence industry.”