IDAS: Instant Defence For Airborne Platforms

In an airborne platform, the first step of self-protection is to have situational awareness – you need to know if someone is targeting you and how. A fraction of a second is all that stands between mission success or mission failure. An effective electronic warfare (EW) system will provide that fraction of a second needed to respond to and neutralize the threat to the airborne platform in any scenario.

Saab’s Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS) is an electronic warfare system designed to provide self-protection for airborne platforms in sophisticated, diverse and dense threat environments.

“IDAS is a respected system that has enjoyed worldwide success and is operational in a number of air forces in the Asia Pacific region,” says Geoff van Hees, Director of Marketing and Sales Asia Pacific

IDAS is a perfect solution for the Indonesian Air Force in that it has been installed on many platforms similar to those currently in use.  Due to its integrated design, IDAS is a cost-effective solution with a low life-cycle cost and minimal impact on logistic infrastructure. 

A Highly Configurable System

IDAS is highly configurable and designed to be compatible with many different airborne platforms. It can be configured to become a high-end system integrating laser-warning, missile-approach warning and wide band radar warning capabilities together with the BOP-L countermeasure dispenser

The modular architecture of the system allows IDAS to be configured with any combination of the three sensor-system types, according to user requirements, as well as any counter-measure dispenser requested by the customer.

For smaller airborne platforms, such as light helicopters, IDAS has a compact version called CIDAS (Compact Integrated Defensive Aids Suite).  CIDAS consists of missile approach warning receivers and counter measure dispensers and is designed specifically to counter the threat posed by passive IR guided man-portable systems (MANPADS).

Defensive Measures And Easy Installation

IDAS is fully integrated with Saab’s Counter Measure Dispensing System (CMDS). This chaff-and-flare dispenser controller is placed inside the EWC so as to control dispensers, which allows for automatic dispensing under the control of EWC when a threat is detected by the system. An advantage of this CMDS is that its system can handle mixed payloads within each dispenser, i.e. chaff and flares mixed in dispensers.

The ability to work through multiple interfaces (Ethernet, MIL-STD 1553B, ARINC 429, RS 232, RS 422 and RS 485) and a low box-count in IDAS allows easy installation and offers a fully integrated EW system with all sensors, EW computer and dispensers taking up very little space in the platform. The graphical user interface, GUI, can be via a dedicated full-colour threat-display & control unit (TDCU), 3-inch displays or integrated into the existing on-board colour multi-function display (MFD).

User Specific Features

The user has a list of options to choose from in the configuration of IDAS to meet their unique requirements, such as:

  • Threat symbology which can be configured according to the pilot’s preference.
  • Uploading/downloading flight-line software via external data-loader interfaces.
  • Secure modes of operational software and libraries which can be selected according to the user.
  • A selection of different in-flight threat libraries – chosen according to mission type and/or geographical area.
  • Bulk recording which is executed via Ethernet link to store data in external data-storage devices.
  • Flight-Data Analyser (FDA) – which enables post-mission playback and analysis.

The combination of all these features makes IDAS the best choice for any threat environment. The growing list of users from all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East to Asia attest to the reliability and capability of the system. IDAS has been installed on helicopters, transport aircraft and fighters. These platforms include Oryx, Puma, Cougar/Super Puma, Rooivalk, A109, Super Lynx 300, Dhruv, Chinook, Hawk, C-130, Su-30, NH-90, Mi-17, Embraer 120, Gripen, Saab 2000 AEW&C Erieye, Dash-8 and Tornado.