GlobalEye: A Game Changer Eye In The Sky

Indonesia, with its several thousand islands spread out over a large area, needs vigilant eyes in the sky that can monitor vast swathes of territory. Over the years, the complexity of the challenge has increased as both state and non-state actors have adopted stealth techniques and better communications to evade detection.

The new GlobalEye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system which Saab is offering Indonesia is the best solution to the multiple challenges of securing vast land and sea borders, monitoring smuggling, illegal fishing and piracy.

GlobalEye combines Saab’s all-new Erieye ER (Extended Range) radar and mission system with the high-end Global 6000 jet aircraft from Bombardier. The GlobalEye offers a new level of multi-mission airborne surveillance capability, providing for the first time on the market a sophisticated, high-performance system that can conduct simultaneous long-range detection, tracking and surveillance in the air, land and maritime domains, all from a single platform.

The truly multi-role GlobalEye automatically detects and tracks air and surface targets over a huge area. Ground surveillance of moving vehicles can be conducted through long-range, wide-area ground moving target indication (GMTI) radar modes. With the Erieye ER radar, detection and tracking ranges have been significantly increased compared to existing airborne radars, and against the smallest targets.

The GlobalEye system can track very low-observable air and sea targets, including ‘stealthy’ aircraft, cruise missiles or submarine periscopes, even in heavy clutter and jamming environments. GlobalEye, which has an air endurance capability of more than 11 hours, is able to detect targets as small as the size of a football.

“GlobalEye is a game changer that delivers a unique swing-role capability for simultaneous air, maritime and ground surveillance in a single solution, with the ability to change role dynamically, while airborne during any mission,” says Micael Johansson, Head of Saab’s business area Surveillance.

The GlobalEye integrates a comprehensive suite of sensors, including signal intelligence and advanced self-protection equipment with a newly-developed command, control and communication system. Cost-effective system availability is assured through the combination of a small organisational footprint and Saab’s in-service support.

According to Head of Saab Indonesia Peter Carlqvist, “The GlobalEye is ideal for Indonesia’s archipelagos. The GlobalEye can directly share intelligence gathered with fighter aircraft and patrol vessels in real time leading to quick interception and action.”

GlobalEye gives the entire armed forces greater control over the battlespace. In addition to the airborne surveillance, it gives commanders at sea a 360-degree vision, while on land, it helps to maintain security on the border by tracking illegal vehicle movements. Besides providing situational awareness and support for the three forces, it also provides multi-sensor capabilities for the commanders of the joint forces.