A Triple Helix Approach To Address Indonesia’s Infrastructure Challenges

The big challenge for Indonesia is to build capacity in critical infrastructure: Air traffic, vessels traffic and port management, road and rail transportation.

Sweden and Indonesia can together increase capacity on all aspects using technology as the key enabler. However, it is not simply a question of buying technology. The critical aspect is in building domestic capacity that will result in absorption of technology as well as creation of capability to manage and operate these systems along with the ability to create future platforms.

The road to this goal lies in the Triple Helix approach where companies, government and academic institutions work together. Sweden and Indonesia can work together in a triple helix context to build new capabilities and share innovations that will be the basis for the next generation of green and efficient airports, ports, rail and road transportations while creating efficient infrastructure.

The triple helix concept involves the close cooperation between academia, industry and public institutions to find and solve new innovation challenges and is a trademark of the Swedish Innovation System.

Industrial involvement ensures that research has a clear innovation focus thereby contributing to strengthen nations' industrial bases.

Sweden is today supporting Indonesia in building capability in high-tech transport systems solutions in three different aspects: Creating Buyer capability, Project management capability and User capability. One key dimension of this is to enable capacity enhancement through creation of Indonesian centers of excellence in infrastructure. The starting point for this is to expose Indonesian students to Swedish Education programs and planning larger scale Indonesian education programmes. This would result in setting up of Indonesian Excellence Centers in Education as well as provide the ground for capability enhancement through state-of-the art technology projects in triple-helix formation with Sweden.

The triple helix programs would ultimately lead to Swedish – Indonesian R&D projects as well as home grown Indonesian triple helix projects between Indonesian government, industry and academia.

Saab is therefore proud to play an important part in participating to find the best possible solutions to key societal challenges with technology and has experience from such participation globally. Saab has instituted 50 scholarships for Indonesian students.Together with Swedish universities, this would involve imparting innovative work methods and technology transfer through university collaboration and Triple Helix projects.