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Saab Offers Self-Reliance in Defence and Aerospace to India

In an interview with Stratpost, Mats Palmberg, Vice President, Industrial Partnerships, Saab, and head of Gripen India campaign, talks about the details of Saab's offer of an advanced industrial body if India selects Gripen.

Saab Offers To Build 96 Gripen Fighters In India

Ever since Saab put together its first Gripen offer to India, it has maintained that the partnership will be on the lines of the “Make in India” concept.


Gripen’s Refuelling Capabilities Make it a True Mission Enabler

To achieve air dominance, maximum time in the air is essential for any Air Force. Gripen’s refuelling capabilities like air-to-air refuelling and hot refuelling enable the operating Air Force to stay airborne longer.

Achieving Optimal Decision Making with Gripen’s HMI

Saab has always been incorporative of new and efficient technological advances in the products and solutions that they deliver. One such technological incorporation has been the Human Machine Interface (HMI), which is the result of AI technology, on the multirole aircraft Gripen.

Gripen’s STOL Capabilities Originate from a Unique Air Basing System

A report by Flight Global delves deeper into some of the aspects of the Gripen that are directly correlated to the Swedish Air Force’s (SwAF) austere basing system during the Cold War.


Gripen calendar 2020 A year with Gripen

Each month you will find a new image from the Gripen Calendar 2020 to download. The images show The Smart Fighter in action from Gripen users around the world.

Saab Proposes INAC to Assemble and Deliver Gripen in India

With a combination of indigenous content and transfer of technologies and capabilities, Saab’s approach will have a much higher impact on the long term technological and economic development of India than competitors.

Gripen in India: More than An Assembly Line

Saab’s Make in India proposal is a lot more than just transferring assembly lines to India. Besides tangible manufacturing and production processes, the Gripen offer also focuses extensively on establishing the world’s most modern fighter aircraft manufacturing capability in India.