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Carl Gustaf m4

Modern armies must be prepared for any eventuality up to and including conventional force-on-force conflicts. However, today’s modern infantry forces are equally likely to be deployed in urban or complex combat environments as part of anti-insurgency or peacekeeping operations as well. In any case, tactical flexibility is key to their success in both kinds of situations.

Responding to the changing nature of global conflict, FFV Ordnance, part of Saab, has developed a new version of its highly successful multi-role weapon system – the Carl-Gustaf M4 (CGM4).

The first M1 model of the Carl-Gustaf was introduced in 1948. Since then it has consistently remained a unique and critical capability, becoming one of the most reliable and battle-proven weapon systems in modern military history. CGM4 builds on the system’s already notable flexibility, offering a higher degree of accuracy, lighter construction and compatibility with future innovations.

Combat Flexibility In All Situations

Soldiers today have an immense burden. They need to carry radios, batteries, assault weapons, backpacks and water systems. Any weight that is shaved off makes a huge difference. This is the driving philosophy behind the development of CGM4.

The CGM4 weighs less than 7 kg, making it substantially lighter than its predecessors. Switching the steel components to titanium and improving the carbon fibre wrapping resulted in this weight reduction. The new design is also shorter in length, meaning it’s easy to carry and handle in different tactical situations. The M4 is therefore fully optimised for dismounted soldiers who need a lightweight, high-impact weapon.

The Carl-Gustaf M4 system’s combat flexibility also comes from its unique range of ammunition, including anti-armour, anti-structure, multi-role, anti-personnel and support rounds. With a multitude of tactical options from a single weapon – from destroying armour to creating smoke screens – troops can become a much more effective fighting force. The system is compatible with various sight options including red dot and intelligent sights in addition to the standard telescopic and open sights. This allows users greater flexibility to choose one that suits their specific needs.

Carl-Gustaf M4 Key Facts

M2:       Weight: 14.2kg,       Length: 1130mm
M3:       Weight: 10kg,          Length: 1065mm
M4:       Weight: <7kg,          Length: <1000mm

LIGHTER: Builds upon the success of its predecessor by offering an even shorter length and a weight of less than 7 kg.

INTELLIGENT SIGHT: Compatible with intelligent sight systems, ensuring maximum effect in any tactical situation.

IMPROVED ERGONOMICS: Overall improved ergonomics enables soldiers to adjust the weapon to suit them. Includes an adjustable shoulder rest and front grip.

REDUCED ACTION TIME: Can be carried safely loaded to enable the user to act faster.

ROUND COUNTER: Integrated shot counter for improved logistics and maintenance.

FLEXIBLE: A wide range of ammunition types and sight options ensures unique flexibility for the multi-role Carl-Gustaf M4 user.

“With the introduction of the M4’s new lightweight design, no competitor in the marketplace and no individual weapon system can match what Carl-Gustaf is capable of,” says Bo Thörn, Head of FFV Ordnance.