IDAS Systems Are One Of The Best In The World

IDAS Systems Are One Of The Best In The World

Wilfred Moore, Marketing Director, Electronic Warfare, Saab India talks about the EW offer to India, relevance of these products for India and status of the programmes.

What systems are being offered to India? What is the status on the systems you offer to India?

The systems offered from Saab Grintek Defence (South Africa) are as follows: The IDAS (Integrated Defence Aids Suite) for the protection of Airborne platforms against Anti - Air missile. The system consists of Laser Warning, Radar Warning and Missile Approach warning sensors. All the sensors are integrated with a central controller and linked to countermeasures that can distract the missiles from the Aircraft.

FDR (Flight Data Recorders) are on offer to India. This is made up of three parts: Data recorder- for General data recording of all the data on the aircraft (cockpit data, audio recording, engine data), Crash Recorder- Storage for critical data on the aircraft (only critical information for crash or incident investigation) and Maintenance Panel Unit which is the Control Panel.

Which program/requirement is it being offered for?

The IDAS system is fitted to the ALH Helicopters of the Air Force and the Army. The FDR is fitted to the SU-30 of the Indian Air Force.

Why does India need this product?

The IDAS system is needed to protect the helicopters from laser detection, radars and missiles. The FDR product is used to capture information for post flight and engine run analysis.

How is the Saab proposition relevant to the Indian requirements?

The IDAS system fits the Indian specifications well and is respected as one of the best in the world. It is developed according to world standards and suits the harsh conditions and specifications of India. The FDR product was designed as per Indian Air Force specification.