Saab, A partner in building an indigenous defence industry in India


Saab is a global defence and security company, founded in Sweden in 1937. Saab brings to India a wide portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and systems, across the Air, Land, Naval and Civil domains.

We have been a trusted supplier to the Indian armed forces since the 1970s, when India acquired the Carl Gustaf Anti-Tank defence system. In 2014, Saab invested one fourth of sales in research and development. Saab could build products and solutions here in India, by Indians, for India and even for export.

Today, we work with Indian companies and partners in R&D, aerospace technologies, and defence systems across all domains, to develop cutting-edge products and solutions that will serve India and the rest of the world for generations to come. We are doing this in partnership with the Indian ambition to Make In India – the ambition to develop an indigenous defence industry of global dimensions.

Saab’s Portfolio

Naval Domain

Saab’s maritime portfolio covers the air, surface, sub-surface and maritime surveillance domains, providing Naval and Coast Guard forces complete command over the sea. The Group’s naval offering was expanded in 2014 through the acquisition of Saab Kockums, adding to the Saab portfolio leading-edge, world-class naval platform technology. Saab Kockums designs, builds and maintains naval surface vessels and submarines that incorporate the most advanced stealth and shock resistance technology. Saab can support India’s operational needs with solutions for:

  • Surface and sub-surface marine platform design & construction
  • Surface, anti-submarine and air warfare (Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Decision Support, Precision Engagement, Force Protection)
  • Mine Warfare (Mine Reconnaissance, Mine Hunting, Mine Countermeasures)
  • Maritime Surveillance (Maritime Patrol/support aircraft suitably equipped for surveillance and SAR) and Coastal & Harbour Security

Saab has supplied the National Automatic Identification System (NAIS) Network in India, which has given India an AIS maritime picture over the entire Indian coastline. NAIS is one of the largest national AIS-based coastal surveillance systems ever to be deployed.

Saab’s 9LV family offers complete C4I for all types of naval platforms. Saab’s 9LV solutions have been provided to leading navies around the world, with deliveries being completed to more than 230 ships.

Our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV 62, configured as a self-propelled underwater advanced trainer, assists the training of ASW operators. This modular vehicle can be configured for a number of operational roles such as reconnaissance and surveillance, mine reconnaissance, seabed mapping, sub-bottom mapping and environmental monitoring. 

Saab’s RBS15 missile family, with its unique flexibility and ability to be launched from various platforms, has proven potential to meet the existing and future requirements of all branches of the Indian Armed Forces. The RBS15 Mk3 represents the latest generation of advanced surface-to-surface missile systems. It is a true fire and forget multi-purpose anti-ship/land attack, sea skimming, cruise type missile.

Land Domain

With a legacy based on credibility, Saab has extensive experience in supporting ground forces with solutions designed for enhanced operational capabilities and increased effectiveness. Saab’s Land domain offer includes missile systems such as RBS 70 NG & BAMSE SRSAM, radar systems such as HARD & Giraffe AMB, and the Carl Gustaf & AT4 Weapons systems by FFV Ordnance. The portfolio also includes sophisticated surveillance and command & control systems, solutions for troop protection, signals intelligence & self-protection systems, camouflage technology, training & logistics solutions and reconnaissance systems. We can enable a modern fighting force to become light, lethal and wired to meet the operational challenges of the 21st century. Our systems are backed by a comprehensive training & simulation portfolio.

For decades, Saab has been represented in India by its fully owned subsidiary FFV Ordnance in the area of ground combat support weapons, including the Carl-Gustaf and AT4 family of weapons. In 2014, FFV Ordnance launched a new, lighter version of the man-portable anti-tank Carl-Gustaf, the M4. It offers greater flexibility, weighs less than 7 kg, and is compatible with all existing and future ammunition.
LEDS-50 MK2, Saab’s active protection system for ground vehicles, provides crews with situational awareness of laser emissions associated with battlefield threats. It also allows rapid automated response such as automated all-round obscuration, cueing of counterfire or optical inhibiting effectors like laser jammers & dazzlers.

Air Domain

Saab’s portfolio across the Air domain includes combat aircraft, surveillance solutions, electronic warfare, avionics, weapon systems, sensors, commercial aeronautics, training, service and support.
Gripen is a true multi-role fighter aircraft, capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions employing the latest technology and weapons. It is designed to meet the demands of existing and future threats, while simultaneously meeting strict requirements for flight safety, reliability and efficiency.
Saab’s Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS) has been selected by HAL as the electronic warfare self-protection system for the Advanced Light Helicopter (Dhruv). The program is in the series production phase and has received multiple production orders. IDAS provides self-protection for airborne platforms in sophisticated, diverse and dense threat environments. It is a fully integrated multi-spectral system that can be configured for radar warning, laser-warning and missile-approach-warning. Saab and HAL are in talks over the production of IDAS components in India.

Saab is also a subcontractor to Boeing and Airbus, supplying cargo doors, wing spars and avionics, system integration and support and maintenance solutions for a number of different aircraft types.

Civil Security

Saab’s civil security operations offer air and maritime traffic management systems as well as security solutions, including solutions for airports and prisons. We also have solutions for ambulance services, field hospitals, disaster management and underwater vehicles for the offshore oil and gas industry.
Saab’s Advanced–Surface Movement Guidance & Control Systems (A-SMGCS) enhances situational awareness and runway safety at some of India’s largest airports: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Guwahati, Jaipur and Lucknow. Saab has also supplied Vessel Traffic Management systems to ONGC and the Gulf of Kutch.

With Saab’s Remote Tower System, air traffic can now be managed and controlled remotely, and a single air traffic control center can now control more than one airport at a time. This is in line with the government’s focus towards improving connectivity in remote areas. Using Saab’s Remote Tower, Örnsköldsvik in Sweden is the world’s first Remote Tower airport.

Inspired by the Swedish values of innovation, reliability, commitment and quality, Saab delivers cost-effective systems for smarter forces.