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Saab is a global defence and security company, founded in Sweden in 1937. Saab brings to India a wide portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and systems, across the Air, Land, Naval and Civil domains.

We have been a trusted supplier to the Indian armed forces since the 1970s, when India acquired the Carl Gustaf Anti-Tank defence system. In 2014, Saab invested one fourth of sales in research and development. Saab could build products and solutions here in India, by Indians, for India and even for export.

Today, we work with Indian companies and partners in R&D, aerospace technologies, and defence systems across all domains, to develop cutting-edge products and solutions that will serve India and the rest of the world for generations to come. We are doing this in partnership with the Indian ambition to Make In India – the ambition to develop an indigenous defence industry of global dimensions.

Saab In India

Through the years, the majority of Saab's business units have been active in India and involved in developing solutions for the Indian Armed Forces in a number of different areas.

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Saab serves the global market of governments, authorities and corporations with products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. 

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