Gripen E The Smart Fighter

Gripen E/F is developed to counter and defeat the most advanced threats in a modern battlespace and to continously evolve in order to keep up wtih new challenges. We have built an intelligent fighter system that rapidly embraces new technology and tactics in a way that will always keep us ahead. That's why with Gripen E/F, you are forever ahead.

Gripen E/F is part of the Gripen E-series. Developed to counter and defeat advanced future threats, the E-series is for customers with more pronounced threats or wider territories to secure. The E-series has a new and more powerful engine, improved range performance and the ability to carry greater payloads. It also has a new AESA-radar, InfraRed Search and Track system, highly advanced electronic warfare and communication systems together with superior situational awareness. The E-series redefines air power for the 21st century by extending operational capabilities.


Defeat any threat, anywhere

In the modern battlefield, fighters will have to act in high-threat environments such as contested air space and handle Integrated Air Defence Systems. Gripen E/F carries a variety of both active and passive measures to disrupt enemy efforts and protect itself and other friendly units. Its advanced electronic warfare system, similar to an electronic shield, allows disruption of the enemy's ability to function effectively. This can be used either to assist in destruction of enemy assets or simply to reduce the enemy's understanding and ability to react. All this while ensuring mission success, using the latest weaponry and countermeasures. This freedom of action allows Gripen E/F pilots to defeat any threat – anywhere, and return home safe.


See the unseen before being seen

The ability to attack or assess opposition at range is a key feature in Gripen E/F. Gripen utilizes all available data in the battle cloud – whether coming from Gripen fighters or other air, land or sea-based units, and fuses it locally on every platform but we are also fusing globally between fighters. The result: We see the unseen. Gripen E/F reduces its likelihood of being detected by relying on its passive sensors, or through active jamming. This means that weapons can be used either beyond the point at which opposing forces can respond or without them ever realising Gripen was there.


Be in control intuitively

When at the peak of a complex mission, the human brain can only handle a certain number of inputs at once. Gripen E/F achieves the optimal balance between the pilot's and the fighter's decision space, letting fighter intelligence take on a larger role. Gripen E/F's fighter intelligence has the capability to work autonomously on several areas simultaneously, and provides the pilot with suggestions. Suggestions ranging from anything between weapon selection and full manoeuvring of the fighter. It shares and displays the right tactical information, at the right moment giving an optimised battlespace overview. This allows the Gripen pilot to be in control – intuitively.


Adapt fast - Stay relevant

Gripen E/F is the only fighter which rapidly adapts to unfolding developments and stays relevant over time. Equipped with a smart avionics architecture, old algorithms can be replaced by new ones without reducing the high availability of the aircraft. The architecture is also the basis for making rapid hardware and weaponry updates, with a high degree of alteration for each customer nation. With that, Gripen E/F is not only the smart fighter today - it is also designed to be the smart fighter for generations to come. It will not only allow you to keep at pace with evolution, it will allow you to lead it. This is what we have created and what sets Gripen E/F apart from any other fighter.