Gripen Brazil

Gripen Brazil

Developing Ideas Together

The Brazilian Gripen programme strengthens the ties between Sweden and Brazil. Together with Brazilian industry, Saab is building a long-term strategic partnership with Brazil and the Brazilian Air Force.


When Brazil decided to acquire the Gripen system, we entered into a close cooperation relationship with the country. Gripen will not only increase the operational capacity of the Brazilian Air Force, enabling it with the highest technology to carry out its missions, but also the training of the Brazilian air defense industry, through an extensive technology transfer program.


Together with Embraer, Akaer, AEL Sistemas, Atmos, DCTA and other companies benefiting from the program, we will develop capabilities and generate knowledge for the development and maintenance of the most advanced multi-mission hunting in the world, here in Brazil. We believe that knowledge grows when it is shared among people, companies and nations.

SAM - The new Gripen aerostructure plant

The programme for Gripen continues to evolve. São Bernardo do Campo, in Greater São Paulo, will be home to Saab Aeronáutica Montagens (SAM), Saab's new aerostructure plant. It will produce fuselages for the single-seat and twin-seat versions of the Brazilian Air Force jet fighter so as to move innovation forward in Brazil.

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Gripen for Brazil

The Brazilian Gripen Programme began in 2013 when Saab successfully bid for the F-X2 Programme to replace the jet fighter fleet operated by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). In October 2014 a contract was signed with the Brazilian government for the development and production of 36 aircraft. In 2024 the last jet fighter will be delivered to FAB, but the partnership between Saab and Brazil is expected to go on for a long time through a wide-ranging technology transfer enabling Brazil to develop, produce and maintain supersonic jet fighters.

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GDDN - Gripen's technology centre in Brazil

A small city in São Paulo state with a little more than 4,000 people, Gavião Peixoto welcomed in 2016 the Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN), the focal point of the technology transfer between the Swedes and Brazilians. It is there, in sunny São Paulo state, that Saab and Embraer improve and innovate defence technology and security for Brazil, along with the other partners in the Brazilian Gripen programme.

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True Collaboration webseries

Learn how the Gripen Program represents much more than the increased operational capacity of the Brazilian Air Force. The True Collaboration webseries will show you how the Gripen Programme represents a huge technological leap for the Brazilian industry, through an extensive technology transfer program that will allow supersonic fighters to be developed, produced and maintained in Brazil.

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Gripen E - The smart fighter

Gripen E/F is developed to counter and defeat the most advanced threats in a modern battlespace and to continously evolve in order to keep up wtih new challenges. We have built an intelligent fighter system that rapidly embraces new technology and tactics in a way that will always keep us ahead. That's why with Gripen E/F, you are forever ahead.

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