CIDAS - compact integrated D Self-defence for airborne platforms

Sensor testing before flight using missim


Self-defence for airborne platforms means knowing whether anyone is observing me or making me a target. That requires keeping track of every type of signal out there. Saab's IDAS/CIDAS family of electronic warfare systems are designed to provide self-defence in sophisticated, diverse and dense threat environments.

CIDAS is the small and light weight variant with only electrooptical sensors and a smaller controller. It can be configured for laser-warning and missile-approach-warning. The system is fully integrated with the BOP-L countermeasures dispenser. Your integration effort will be minimised: IDAS systems are already a fully integrated Defensive Aids System (DAS).

Choosing IDAS therefore reduces the substantial integration non-recurring engineering effort required by federated DAS systems.
With Saab’s EW systems you become independent – you perform your own EW library maintenance. Saab also offers an EW Operation Support system, EWOS, for that maintenance.