About Saab Brazil and Latin America

Saab works with clients to support the region's defence and security market. In this market area, Saab delivers advanced products, services and solutions, including fighter aircrafts, airborne early warning systems, training and simulation, C4I, ground-based air defence, and air and maritime traffic management. Using our innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab is the regional partner of choice for both military defence and civil security in Brazil.

With staff based in Brazil and Chile, Saab partners with both the armed forces and civil authorities to develop and supply numerous solutions for defence and security. The 2014 contract to supply Brazil's Air Force with Gripen NG fighter aircrafts was the biggest business deal in company's history, and solidified Saab's reputation in Latin America as a trustworthy, reliable partner. In addition to Brazil, Saab also conducts business with the region's Spanish-speaking markets, primarily Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.

Within Saab, Latin America became its own market area in early 2015. Our focus is to build customer relationships, strategic partnerships, and long-term business development in the region. Saab's investments contribute to Latin America's exponential economic growth.